Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another fill, and TWO fillings.

Yesterday I had another fill. My second fill. I now have 4.5cc in my band. Not feeling any different yet...but I'm going to try and stay positive. This will work for me EVENTUALLY. Its just taking its time :)

And I just got back from the dreaded DENTIST. Oh how I hate the dentist. I just had two fillings and boy did it hurt!! More than how much it hurts, I hate the feeling of the numbness and the swelling. I feel so weird and my tounge and cheeks are so fuzzy and gross. I have to watch out I don't accidently bite them because I can't feel a thing.

I have two exams left. One this afternoon and one on thursday. I failed the one I did yesterday, I just know I did. SO I will have to re-sit that one next week :( TAFE is almost over!!!

On the boy front....Hes trying to get me back. He is trying so hard. My heart says go back to him, and my head says "just let it go!!!"

I can't wait til exams are over. I'm going to spend hours on blogland :)


  1. Hi Liz, thanks for you kind comment on my blog. It seems like you are having a bit of a sad time in your life these days. I am sorry to hear that. You have a lot more in your band than I do. I have an 11cc band with only 3.5cc's. I have had 3 fills and will be going for a 4th in Dec. I can't say that I "feel" anything different. I just try and stick to my 1cup of food per meal, eat lots of protein and drink a ton of water. Lately. I have been dealing with a few cravings and it has been a little tough. This is a long journey and it is difficult to be patient, but hang in there sweetie!

  2. Yay! Second fill already. Hopefully you will feel some restriction soon. My 2nd fill is next Monday. Thanks for keeping up with my blog even though you've been going through a crap time.

    So glad tafe is nearly over! Don't worry about your test, hopefully you'll scrape by. I just passed my last java test. I've got two more to do to pass this subject that I've already failed once. Its hard! I've also got two assessments left. One I've nearly finished, the other one, haven't started. Got no motivation! Its hard these last 3 weeks.

    Hey, you know you can get special consideration to sit your tests separately from the rest of the class because of all the shit you've been going through? You can also get more time for each test and extensions for assignments too. Add me on FB (Vanessa Beattie) if you want more info...


  3. too funny! I was just reading your previous posts and decided to add you and then I see that you added me too! Thank you! Look forward to getting to know you better!

  4. I have 5.5ml in my band... i have booked an appointment for 9th Dec for a bit more... i want 6ml, i get stuck now so im a little worried about it but i know i need it.... it takes time to find how much fill you need, you will know soon enough if you need more... i always feel scattered with the fills... everyone says you throw up from this surgery, well its been 5 months and i have never thrown up.

    Boys are hopeless.... my ex was an alco and stoner, he had the biggest heart and loved me to death but he had way to much baggage and i couldnt see him growing and guess what, his exactly the same now without me so i know i did the right thing.

    thanks for the skin compliment, ive been pretty lucky on that front.
    as for me looking like a 'normal lady' ahahaha im good at hiding the disaster zone underneath the clothes... trust me... its all bumps and lumps and im so white i look like a fat ball of cottage cheese. I can take flattering photos... trust me!

  5. Hi Liz, just came across your blog and pretty much read every post! We are the same age, same starting weight! I am banded 7 days today =) I also have a blog if you wanna check it out? I'm down in Tassie. Be lovely to hear from you =) xx