Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh....I think I have a Lap Band.

I finally had my first incident of food getting stuck. I finally have had my first regurgitations the past two days. I KNOW that that is not necessarily a good thing....but its just nice to feel that I actually DO have a lap band there. Up until now I have felt NO restriction, so it really is so good to know that from here on out, things will get better. I can still eat more than I would like....but at least its a start.

I went to an Overeaters anonymous group yesterday. I've thought about it for a while and finally I just thought: Food will plauge me for the rest of my life, its time to take care of it now. It was amazing. The best part was I felt like I belonged. Its the first time in my life I've ever felt like people knew what I was talking about, and other people were in the same boat. I didn't feel judged. I felt as if these women were all in the same boat as me. That sense of belonging was just the best feeling I've had in so long. I will talk more about OA in the weeks to come....I'm too tired to type any more now. But I'm SO excited about OA, I think it will really help me. Theres lots to learn but I'm willing.

Also....I FINISHED TAFE!!!!! I'm still waiting to hear if I have passed all my exams but it is SO nice to not have to clean animal poo every morning. I am now sleeping in and watching lots of seinfield in bed. Its lovely!!


  1. I am so glad you have found a support group where you feel safe and un-judged and I am so happy to hear the positivity in this post. Almost like you have regained your mojo!

  2. I am proud of you for going to them meeting! I know that I would have been nervous as well! Looking forward to reading more about how the meetings are!

  3. Hey Liz. I'm so pleased you've finally got restriction! Now you can finally get some results. You must see now that it wasn't you that wasn't working the band, the band wasn't working for you!

    The support group sounds amazing. I'm so pleased to hear positivity in your voice today.

    Look forward to hearing more about the OA meeting.


  4. Im very intrigued about OA please keep me posted as i have never considered something like that :D

  5. ahh liz I'm finally catching up on everyone's blogs and I've missed so much!
    wooo for restriction, told you it would come soon!
    And this OA group sounds really interesting, I would love to see if there is something like that around where I live sound really happy, which makes me happy because I know you had a rough time initially.

    We need to chat on msn soon!

  6. So how did you aleviate the stuck food? I just got a band and think I have something stuck. I'm just curious as to what my Dr will do to resolve it.