Friday, October 8, 2010

The biggest ever, lap band cheater. Thats me.

I don't try to do it. I know the lap band is a way of life, and its not that hard to stick to the rules. So why do I cheat? Well, if I knew that, I probably wouldn't have needed lap band in the first place. I know its a big commitment, and I have been doing well. I was banded on the 23rd of September, and I did do the liquids for two weeks. I lost 5kg. So at least I did that. But mushies...well I kind of stretched the meaning of what mushies could mean. I thought if I mushed pasta up I could have that. But my mum found out and she got mad at me. It didn't get stuck or anything, but she still got mad. She also got mad (and understandably so,) because I ate a bite of bread just to see what would happen. Nothing did happen. But she was still mad.

I just miss the texture of food, and the taste. I KNOWWW its not that much longer until I can eat properly again. But I'm a foodie!! I love tastes and flavours. I know I can do the mushies, I just don't really want to. I am a big fat cheater.

On a plus, I have lost .4kg since last week. Yayyyyy. Its a tiny loss, but its something.


  1. You haven't cheated, really, you were testing the boundaries. Honestly, a little bit of mushed pasta and a taste of bread isn't that bad. At least you didn't try to get some cake down, or pastries!

    I had a gelato today. A lychee one. It was small and fat free but packed with sugar. Now that's cheating!

    Well done for the loss. :>)

  2. I wouldn't call that cheating per se! I think it's reasonable to want to see if you can tolerate a small amount of normal food. It could have been a hell of a lot worse - like the half block of chocolate I ate!! :/ Your doing well and don't let anyone (including your mum..) tell you different! :)

  3. I do believe that mushies COULD be anything you could blend/mush up to a thin/pasty consistency. You didn't cheat. I've told my parents to NOT question me on what I'm eating. I know what I can and can't eat (the answer - I'm supposed to be able to eat ANYTHING [heh, just not in these amounts :-/ I need a fill!!!]). At this point I can also eat bread (although sometimes it gets a little stuck). I know some bandsters have rules like no carbs, no this or that. But my clinic has no rules like that. So everyone's different...but believe me, a little pasta & bread isn't cheating. I've eaten whole bags of chips; THAT'S cheating!! lol

  4. I don't think you did bad...we all stumble the first few months. You will slowly but surely find your fitting and what works for you! :)

  5. I ate Chili when I was on mushies. There is ground beef in there and I know it's not *technically* a mushie, but... it went down fine and I was tired of tuna salad!!

  6. Hon - if it blended/chewed really really well its a mushie in my book. Don't kick yourself about this it isn't a biggie at all. Go back and have a look at what I was eating during mushies - crumpet and egg anyone ;o)