Friday, October 15, 2010


I love wii!! I set up the wii and played the biggest loser today. It was SO much fun! I set up with a four week program and have a goal to loose four kg in that time. Today I did the 6 minute warm up, the 26 minute workout and am 8 minute cool down. It made me swear so much, I was dripping!! But it was a lot of fun and I'm so looking forward to trying to stick to this and seeing some results.
It's amazing how great exercise can make you feel. I'm off to work now, have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Ooooh, I'm jealous. I really want a Wii! Sounds like so much fun. I'm 6 weeks post op on Monday so no more excuses not to exercise.

    Hope you have a good night at work and a great weekend.


  2. Mmm, had a Wii a few years back but it never got used so we sold it. I'm so bummed now cause I could see that I would use it heaps, but trying to convine my DH to get another would be hell. Oh well!
    Good luck with it.

  3. It is amazing how much you do sweat, isn't it?? It'll be really handy in the winter time when I won't be as motivated to go to the actual gym to workout.