Sunday, October 3, 2010

I have a new love...his name is Protein.

The past few days I have been struggling with eating and not feeling full on liquids etc. Someone on the yahoo lapband boards mentioned that protein is really helpful at this point, so I have been adding protein powder to my liquids today and WOW! It makes a huge difference.

I have had a glass of Feel Good Iced Coffee and half a cup of thick chicken and artichoke soup today, and I am very full at the moment!!

I'm going out to dinner later with my whole family, but I'm still on just liquids. I rang the resturant and asked if they could puree a risotto for me and they said yes, so I'm excited about that.

I'm loving the blogging world already. I indentify with so many of the other bloggers out there, and sitting in bed on a Sunday reading all these different blogs....makes me feel better about my crazy life.

Happy Sunday Everyone. X


  1. Protein rocks!!!!!! Just found your blog! The blog world IS truly amazing! I've been cozy here for over a year! Check out my blog! WE have the same name, hehe, maybe my journey could teach you something... *Hugs*

  2. So glad they will puree your rissoto!

    You carry your weight really well, mind you I had to look twice because you are really very pretty which deflects the weight, Im guessing your height helps as well! I can so relate to the crap body image, when I was 22 I weighed around 60kg and thought I was fat - if only I knew what I would think at 118kgs!!!

  3. Oh believe me 4.5kgs at day 10 totally rocks!
    Day 10 was also when I started feeling so much better after the surgery and started looking forward to the mushies stage, it gets easier and easier, there are moments where the head of course tells you all the wrong things but a bit of self-talk, reading some blogs, and the band of course will get the job done.
    You are doing a great job, the protein will definately help things along as well.
    Cavaliers are just totally joyful dogs, they always make you smile and have the sweetest temperments, I could never be without one or a few now ;o)