Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unintentionally messed up?

Soo I've been thinking about the fact that I'm starting mushies on Thursday, and I came to a realisation. I think I've started mushies without meaning too. I have been having reallllly thick soups and yoghurt. I'm really worried I've damaged my band or the placing, or something. I'm just freaking out a little bit.

Would you guys count thick soup and yoghurt mushies?? Do you think it will effect my band?

Its just a quick post from me tonight - I'm feeling incredibly dizzy and light headed. I'm changing some medication and the side effects are crazy. I have been weaning myself off this particular drug, by lowering the dosage. But today was my first day with no drug at all and I'm really feeling quite faint. Off to bed with me.

Any thoughts in regards to the mushies/liquids? Fingers crossed I haven't ruined my lap band already


  1. oh liz don't worry!
    my doctor said that as long as it could go through a straw then I could have it
    I was having thick pumpkin soups and yoghurts in my first week
    as long as you eat it slowly then you should be fine
    i actually started mushies earlier because i was starving and the doctor said that they are just guidelines and if you havent had any problems with food going down then you should be fine!!

  2. Congrats on your band! :)
    Don't worry, I'm sure you are fine! I did the same thing...as long as you aren't having a hard time getting it down, you should be OK. Yogurt & pudding were part of my full liquid options from my surgeon, so I don't think those things would be much different.

  3. Those are GREAT examples of mushies! Some people puree soups, eat yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, etc. Your md give you a list of "OK mushie foods"??

    I do not think you will hurt your band! :)

  4. Don't worry, I'm sure it's fine. I've been told if there's a problem with the band, you usually know it (slipped band = throwing up everything even water). Some doctors let you eat solids within the first week, so no worries. I don't consider soup a mushy, even if it's a cream base. Mushy, you have to chew, even a little!

  5. I did the same thing. Don't worry about a thing. The main reason the doctors tell you to do that is to make sure you have healed properly before getting into normal consistency type foods. You are ok.

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  7. Hey Liz

    I havent had a chance to read your blog yet, but thanks for stopping by mine :)

    Can you please email me at outbackbandit@gmail.com about the Optifast you have?


  8. I wouldnt worry to much... i did avoid a lot of mushie foods at the start and i was going insane on liquids but if it passing through fine then it should be ok. Dont worry to much. what date were you banded?

  9. Hi Liz,
    I'm with everyone else, in the fact that I think you will be fine having some mushies early. I was eating all sorts of mushies about 6 days out. No probs here. I was also told if it can go through a thick straw (think thick shake or slushie) then it will be fine.

  10. Hey, I chuckled when I read this post, because I thought the same thing, except I started on pretty much solids from day 10, because I was craving vegemite on toast...had one bite...no probs, and haven't looked back from there...so I think I did mushies for 1 day and then pretty much solids...anyway had no dramas since...so don't think there is any probs esp if you haven't had any vomiting etc...
    just funny that we worry about the same things!