Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Blue day

I have gotten pretty darn good at complaining on my blog. And I started less than a week ago. So hey, I may be bad at loosing weight, but I'm good at complaining about it.

I've had almost 2 weeks off from TAFE(where I'm studying Animal studies) and work. I'm a waitress at a verrrrry busy resturant. I've been there a year now, and I love the people I work with, but I've been in hospitality for five years. I'm ready for a break!! Just the thought of going back to TAFE wants me to hide under my bed and never come back. The thought of work makes me want to sleep for a year. I have 7 weeks left of TAFE and I am just praying that I can pass and get my certificate. I LOVE animals, but the stuff we have to do at TAFE is just not for me. I didn't realise how sensitive I was, and I thought loving animals was enough. I thought if I wanted to work with animals, all I had to do was to love them. But its so much more than that. Seven weeks, and in that time, I have to write 2 scientific papers that I haven't started, and do 1 oral presentation that has to last 15 minutes. I also have to do 10 practical sessions. The practicals are 3 hour blocks of cleaning up rat, mice and guinea pig poo. We have hundreds of mice, probably 100 rats, and only 20 guina pigs. Cleaning up after those mice takes hours and the smell makes me feel sick. I'm sick of cleaning. I've been cleaning up after these animals since Febuary. I'm a my last straw! I'm petrified that I won't make it seven more weeks. And that I'll fail these last components.

Well, that actually feels good to get off my chest. Its not band related, but I had to get it out anyway.

Onto my band....Is it even in me!?? I can't feel a thing. Today is day 1 of mushies, and I just had porridge. I had a big bowl and didn't feel a thing. I am desperate for my 1st fill.


  1. Post op starts to get hard when your appetite starts coming back. Plod on through, it DOES get better.

  2. Well dang, I hope the last 7 weeks fly by! Completion will taste so sweet!!!

  3. Stick with it, you can do it.... 7 weeks will fly by and as much it will suck you will be super happy that you had done it in the end.

    Dont worry stay strong i have faith youll rock it all out!

  4. Hey Liz. So know what you mean about wanting that first fill. I am four weeks post op now and I'm pretty hungry all the time again. My first fill is booked for 19 Oct so not that long, but long enough to undo some of the good work that's been done if I'm not careful.

    I hear you about TAFE. I'm doing web design and my workload is low this semester cos I'm only doing one new subject and repeating two subjects that I did last semester but I've left everything to the last minute, desperately trying to finish assessments before term starts back next week.

    Re mushies, I started having thick soups by week 2. They filled me up quicker. I basically just went with the feeling I had and once the liquids weren't satisfying me I stepped up to thicker stuff. I also started more solid foods before I was suppose to but I was starving! The surgeon wasn't too pleased but I think everything is ok though.

    Stick with it, won't be long and hopefully we'll both have TAFE finished and a fill real soon!