Monday, October 4, 2010

Lazy Monday

Today has been fairly relaxing. I got up around 11am and took my baby(my dog that is) to the dog park for a run. He ran, I didn't. Then I gave him a bath and got myself the leftovers from last night. I had a risotto from a resturant, and I had asked them to puree it for me. It was sooo yummy. It was chicken, basil pesto, broccili and pea risotto. I had lots let over so I had it for breakfast and for lunch too. Its the tastiest thing I've had in weeks.

Then I had a lonnnnng conversation with my boyfriend. We almost broke up yesterday due to some not so nice words on his behalf. Saturday night he got very drunk and wasn't very nice to me. So we talked things through and he really wants to still be together. I said ok. But if I'm being super honest....I'm just saying ok because I'm not sure. I'm not sure if I still like him that way, and I'm not sure if I'm just staying with him because I don't want to be alone again. I suppose I will give it time to see if my feelings sort themselves out.

On weight related news, I didn't weigh myself today. I think I might do it just once a week. That seems the healthiest option. I have put protein in my food today but I'm still not feeling very full. I have a huge craving for some ice cream.

Tomorrow I'm going to join a gym. YAY! Its been a couple of years since I've been fit so I'm actually pretty excited about that. And then on Thursday I'm onto MUSHIES!!! Yayy. I can't wait until my first fill...but thats weeks away.

Liz x


  1. thats sad about your boyfriend :( hope it works out... otherwise if it doesnt you can be off on new exciting adventures ahahaha..

    how good is it eating tasty food when your in the first phases of the surgery... i dont miss that ahaha :)

  2. Hey I just started following you. I hope things work out for YOU regarding your relationship. Life is to short to be unhappy. Remember that.

    Looking forward to reading about your journey.

  3. Hi Liz - thank you for the comment on my blog. So sweet. I'm sorry about the fight with your boyfriend and hope your path becomes more clear for you as time passes. YAY on joining the gym!

  4. Liz,

    I saw your comment, thanks so much for adding me, I know the beginning stages of this process can sometimes be alot. Hunger, it will come and you may not feel tru restriction for several months so dont get too worried about it, just take it one day at a time and try to do your best. You don't have to lose 50 pounds in 6 months ( even tho I have seen some amazing women rock their bands and do just that), you are young and have your whole life to get to goal if you so choose, just know that this weight is the highest you will ever be and it all down hill from here, that in itself always calms me and helps me retain sanity when my band is not so helpful. The beginning stages of post op s-u-c-k, but you will get through it, use your resources, go to your doctor, go to the gym, write in a food journal, and blog blog blog, this community of women are so amazing and helpful they truly do make the difference in this process.

    I'm looking forward to watching you shrink :)


  5. Hey Liz,

    I dont go to the gym.... gyms freak me out a little at the moment, i dont want my fat jigglin all around in other peoples faces so thats why i do work outs at home but then i go to the pools for swims. I wish i had a pool at home but it probably wouldnt be big enough anyways.

    I go down to the pools now at least 3 times a week for laps.... i look horrid in my bathers but i dont care anymore... swimming works on all your body thats why i like it.

    It feels so good getting into the pool you should give it a go :)

    Thanks, i dont think i have had a big transformation as im good at taking photos of myself so they usually turn out pretty good btu when i look at the photo i do see i have lost a lot of upper body fat... long way to go though... i like the fact that i like exercise again.